Whisper Boat Zutphen

A “whisper boat” (also known as an electric boat or a silent boat) takes you, in over 1 hour, along the prettiest locations on the river “de Berkel” and the canals around Zutphen. The round trip begins and ends at the landing stage “het Rijkenhage” which is located in the centre of Zutphen. During your journey the skipper will explain, in his own unique fashion, the history of the Hanseatic town of Zutphen and will draw to your attention the many historical monuments along the route. Some 35 enthusiastic volunteers act as skippers and navigate with great skill around the obstacles  in the river Berkel and the canals. If you have any questions, not answered by our website, please contact us. E-mail: info@fluisterboot-zutphen.nl Telephone: 0031 6 4232 6444

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